Wire transfer fee

  • Charge: 0.1 CHF per transfer.
  • Merchants can bundle multiple payments to incur only one fee.
  • Fee Deduction: Directly from the transferred amount.

Deposit fees

  • Charges vary based on coin denomination used.
  • Merchants can choose to cover typical fees to ensure customers rarely pay.
  • Customers are informed of fees they pay before each transaction.

Fee structure:

Coin value range Fee per coin
0.0025 CHF - 0.64 CHF 0.0025 CHF
1.28 CHF - 10.24 CHF 0.0050 CHF
20.48 CHF - 655.36 CHF 0.010 CHF

Merchants can set the merchant backend to cover customary fees 💹 πŸ”—.

Bounce fee

  • Charge: 0.1 CHF for returned funds.
  • Reasons: Unclaimed funds after 4 weeks, or incorrect wire transfer details.
  • Avoidance: Ensure correct details and wallet connectivity within a month.

Possible loss of e-money due to expiration

  • Validity: Taler eCHF valid for 1 year.
  • Auto-renewal: Wallets auto-exchange expiring eCHF one month prior.
  • Requirement: Regular wallet connectivity to prevent loss of funds.